We have lots of YUMMY items on the menu. The snack bar is the only source of income for drive-in movie theatres. Help us keep our business open by making food purchases. We make all of our sandwhiches fresh with each and every order. We have cheese (sliced cheese on hotdogs is a $.25 extra), fresh cut onions, homemade chili, mustard, ketchup, and mayonaise to offer as condiments on all of our burgers and hotdogs. Our sodas are all Pepsi Products. Please come inside look around, smell the popcorn, and we guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Cheeseburgers $5.00
Hotdogs     $3.00
Corndogs    $3.00
FrenchFries   $3.00
CheeseFries $5.00
Chili & Cheese Fries $6.00
Nachos & Cheese $3.50
Nacho Cheese Cups $2.00
Chili Cups $2.00
Jalapeno Cups $1.00
Ice Cream Cones $2.50 per cone
Candy $2.50
Large Popcorn $5.00
Drinks $2.50 & Ice Cups $1.oo
Hot Sausages $2.00
Sundrop Slushies $3.00
Pickles $2.00
Pickled Eggs $1.00