We open our gates usually an hour before showtime. We tell our patrons that parking is first come first serve. We do not allow you to save parking spaces. We also do not allow you to take up more than ONE parking space. You may bring in blankets and lawn chairs, however you will have to place these items in front of your vehicle and not beside it as long as you are only taking up one parking space. We have a designated section of the theatre marked with "PINK POLES". This section is for CARS ONLY. This section has limited space and is first come first serve as well. We also have a handicapped parking section. You must have a valid handicap sticker, placard, or license plate. This section is also first come first serve. 

You may bring outside food with you to our theatre however please remember that once you enter our facility you may not leave and re-enter without paying again. You must be in a vehicle to enter the facility. There will be no entry on foot.


RV's, camper's, buses, and trailers are not allowed. We are a CASH ONLY facility and we do not have an ATM on site. PETS (expect service K-9's with papers), GRILLS, LASER POINTERS, AND FIREWORKS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON THE PREMESIS. If you have any of these items with you then you will be asked to leave the facility. We have signs clearly posted.


Do not approch the box office on foot. If you have questions, concerns, or problems please find one of the staff members in the concession stand. Please remember we PLAY RAIN OR SHINE. We do not give refunds for bad weather as long as we have power we will be showing the movies. Smoking is not allowed in the concession stand.


We do not allow halloween costumes or masks on the premesis as well.


Please be courteous of your neighbors and do not place your children on top of your vehicle. If you do this then you are blocking the view of someone behind you. We have TWINE available in the concession stand if you ask for it. If you have your vehicle turned around backwards with the hatch up then your hatch must be level with your vehicle so you are not blocking the view of others.


We do not have any working speakers left on our field due to vandalism. However we do have radio sound on 97.7 FM. This means that if your vehicle does not have a working radio then you will need to bring something with you that does in order for you to hear the sound clearly. A $5 digital radio works great from the dollar tree. 

Also please remember that if you do use your car radio then you need to put your car on auxillary as not to run your battery down. We do have jumper cables in the concession stand however we cannot jump anyone off until after the second movie is over.


We are looking forward to having you and your family come out to our theatre this year to have an enjoyable outing. Can't wait to see you at the movies!